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AgeUK - Activity Monitor

We have worked closely with AgeUK Croydon to provide a tailored solution that will suit all AgeUK branches.

If you wish to discuss the system with them please contact Irene Jordan at AgeUK Croydon on 020 8253 6192.

E-directories is always happy to discuss your requirements if you want something tailored to your own specification. We have built a custom version of Activity Monitor for AgeUK and we are currently in talks with a number of other national charities to develop custom solutions. With the building blocks of Activity Monitor in place we can further develop our product to better suit your organisations requirements.

Activity Monitor for AgeUK branches

We have tailored our product to the requirement of AgeUK branches and it comes with the I&A enquiry codes as standard. Along with very specific client, staff and volunteer details you are able to record outreach sessions and events and provide reports on these to your funders as well as I&A code reports to AgeUK National.

There are no restrictions on the number of staff members that use the system and it is designed for all staff members to use with all levels of computer skills, from the front desk where you can record people phoning for information or dropping in, to the staff members that run the projects.

Every client that is inputted into the system can have a number of I&A codes associated with them and if the client already exists you just start a new enquiry for that client giving you a detailed history for all your clients.