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"A national directory that meets local needs"

We are always happy to discuss your requirements if you want something a little different. Having designed and developed the Support Directory, we can pull on this experience and knowledge to help design something a bit more unique for a client. So far, we have built custom solutions for AgeUK, Mind and a number of Local Authorities.

The Support Directory is designed as a national directory that meets local needs - by this we mean you can have a number of branches across the country all managing their own local data with their own personal local directories and at the same time feeding into a national system. This is an excellent model for Charities that have national helplines and need to provide information to clients local to them quickly and efficiently. All branches take on the responsibility of updating their local information, while the national can assist in the supply of Factsheets and National Organisation management.

A more regional model works for Councils who often require the need to supply information to their residents, by using Support Directory a council can have access to all the services key charities and other third sector organisations provide through their individual directories while they also benefit from their own directory.

AgeUK Service Directory

AgeUK branches are currently using a tailored version of our support directory.

Along with AgeUK branding, Support Directory also comes pre-compiled with the AgeUK I&A Enquiry Codes for detailed reporting and links to all AgeUK Factsheets.

Mind Wellbeing Directory

Mind Associations have been using our Support Directory for over ten years.

The Mind branded version has been specifically designed to meet their information delivery needs and also includes links to all Mind Factsheets. 

Council Information Delivery

We are currently working with a number of Local Authorities in developing a Support Directory model that can deliver key information to their residents.

By working with independant charities and local authorities we plan to provide a version of our Support Directory that will meet everyone's needs.